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GRA is addressing this demand for educational opportunities through scholarships, infrastructure grants and “Abundant Living Education” programs.

Our scholarships include secondary school and vocational educational grants to AIDS orphans in GRA funded programs and post secondary education scholarships, including the "Bernard & Ethel Achterhof and Robert & Gertrude Muir Scholarship" to the best student each year at the Buhare Community Development Training Institute in Musoma.


Abundant Living

From GRA's First Video Series



"Abundant Living Education" grants go to individuals and organizations providing practical, hands-on educational projects in the following areas:

Organic farming and permaculture

Alternative healthcare

Malaria prevention and control (for example, production and use of neem drops)

Water resource development (for example, water purification with moringa seeds)

Appropriate technology (for example, fuel efficient stove production)

Micro-enterprise development

AIDS education and awareness (for example, supporting a local theater group)

FGM awareness and prevention

Vocational training (for example, tailoring and bicycle repair)


Girls Singing with Petronila

Primary school children

Student doing an art project

Tailoring Class at GRA-TZ


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