GRA Wins First Prize
at Agricultural Expo in Tanzania

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GRA Wins First Prize at Agricultural Expo in Tanzania

Solar Cooking Exhibit at Nane Nane

Every year over ten thousand people gather for a three day celebration and exhibition of agriculture and farming in Tanzania. The event is called Nane Nane, or Eight Eight after the day and month the event falls, August, 8th.

GRA was invited by the Tanzanian government to present permaculture, solar cooking and rammed earth block construction. Our exhibit was received by over 1,000 attendees who were treated to samples of solar cooked meat and sweet potatoes. GRA’s staff educated people on the many benefits of solar cooking from smokeless cooking to preventing deforestation to easy water pasteurization. On the final day, GRA presented a solar cooked cake to the Guest of Honor and other government officials.
Gamba teaching Solar Cooking at Nane Nane
Our three staff representatives had the honor of receiving the expo’s first place regional award and second place national award for their exhibit of GRA’s projects. GRA’s simple solutions and delicious cake both made an excellent first impression at Nane Nane this year.